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Here is your insider information for lots of local activities!


If you look to the Wasatch Mountain Range you will see a large Y painted on the side. If you want a spectacular view of the valley and a short hike, this trail is the one for you. It is a 2.2 mile round trip hike. The trail is dirt and loose gravel and has 12 switchbacks going up a pretty steep section of the mountain. Depending on your level of experience this trail can be considered easy or hard. The trail is very well kept and has benches all along the trail if you'd like to take a break. Once at the top there are benches for you to eat lunch and enjoy the view. (Sunset from the Y is AMAZING.) The best time to hike is in the morning or evening times, the foliage doesn't offer any shade so the trail will get pretty hot during the day. There is no water on the trail, bring all the water and food you will need. If you want a longer hike there is the option of continuing past the Y to the top of Y Mountain for a 6.3 mile round trip. There are bathrooms at the trailhead. This site has great directions to get there Or, good old Google gives decent directions as well. Malawi’s Pizza 4801 N University Ave Suite 110, Provo


Utah Lake State Park is located at the western end of Provo Center Street! They have a marina there if you enjoy boating as well as a rental company that works closely with them. This park also has some great day use areas including pavilions and picnic spots. There are small fees to enter the park. More information can be found at their website here: There are also other access points that include other marinas, short hiking trails, as well as dirt road driving trails that are outside of the State Park. The details about this information can be found here: This lake is very shallow and because of that the water isn't very clear due to the boats kicking up the mud from the bottom of the lake. However, it is absolutely beautiful and worth an afternoon visit for sure.

Why the drive all the way up to Temple Square is worth it!

Temple Square is located in downtown Salt Lake City. The drive can take about 45 minutes depending on traffic. But if you prefer, public transportation can get you all the way there! ( can help you organize this.) At Temple Square there are gorgeous gardens, wonderful history and art museums, and amazing architecture. As well there are some amazing restaurants and City Creek Mall is located across the street! During the winter the temple grounds are GORGEOUS and decked out in more Christmas lights than you can even imagine and with hundreds of beautiful nativity scenes from all around the world. If you are at all interested/curious in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Utah history, or genealogy work then visiting Temple Square is most definitely worth your time. You could easily spend a day or two exploring all the museums, visitors centers, restaurants and gardens they have to offer. Here is their official site:


Education Week is an amazing experience to have with Brigham Young University in early August of each year. This massive education program offers 1,000+ classes on a variety of subjects. These include education, religion, marriage and family, the arts, history, genealogy, art, communication, youth classes, and more. It's mostly geared towards adults but anyone 14 years and older is welcome to attend. These classes are taught by BYU faculty, instructors from Seminaries and Institutes of Religion of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and other experts. A highlight of the program is a campus devotional that traditionally features a General Authority from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The devotional is open to the general public. As well they have nightly performances and a youth dance Thursday evening. This information was pulled from their site . If you are interested in signing up to attend I highly recommend doing it as soon as possible. They have early registration prices. As well, if you don't want to attend for the entire week, they have single day prices as well! Transportation to BYU campus from our buildings also just got a million times simpler. Provo city just installed a bus system that runs by both major malls, universities, and roads in the area. There are stops located 2 blocks away from each of our buildings and they are free to use! Just look up the "UVX Provo" transportation system and you'll be able to find a route map and general times. Once the bus picks you up it is just a short 10 minute ride up to campus. Depending on which building your classes will be held in, you will either get off on the South Campus Station or North Campus Station. Then, when the day is done, just return to that location and board a bus going the opposite way to get home. Super safe and so easy.


Timpanogos Caves are located up American Fork canyon. From our buildings it would take about 30 mins to drive there. The cave system is world renowned and well worth the trip for those who are interested. The trail up to the caves is 1.5 miles long and gets pretty steep during the last half. It isn't recommended that folks with heart problems attempt the hike. The trail is all paved, has some steep drop offs (NO RUNNING), and doesn't have much shade for the last half of the trail. I highly recommend catching the earlier morning tour times. The tours are much smaller so you can have even more fun with your ranger, the trail is cool because the sun hasn't warmed yet, and people are much happier in general. The caves are always around 45 degrees Fahrenheit so it's recommended to bring a light jacket. These caves are magnificent and include some of the most rare cave formations in the entire world. Inside with the main tour you will get to experience 3 separate caves that were connected via tunnels a few decades ago. The caves are well lit and even have a paved trail that you follow your ranger through. There is also another tour option called the "Introduction to Caving" tour. These groups are kept to about 5 people 14 years and up who will get to don a caving helmet and follow a ranger far back into Hansen Cave until you reach a large underground lake. You'll learn basic caving skills and get to experience a cave in its natural state. Both tours are an amazing experience. To find more information about the caves including prices and tour times you can go to their website Because of snowy conditions on the trails during winter, the caves tours are only offered from Spring to Fall.


US 189 runs through Provo Canyon connecting Provo to Heber City! In this canyon there is so much to do and enjoy. The road parallels the Provo River which is renowned for fly fishing and a fantastic tubing location. There are beautiful scenic detours within the canyon; the Alpine Scenic Loop is the most popular. Driving up the canyon on the main road you will pass Bridal Veil Falls and many parks with big open spaces for picnics and fun family get-togethers. There are also trailheads and walking paths all along the canyon for all skill levels. At the top of Provo Canyon, Deer Creek Reservoir State Park is a great place for sailing, boating, fishing, and windsurfing. Soldier Hollow State Park is also located up there and they have great cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and sledding during the winter with a golf course, hiking or mountain biking during the summer. There is so much up this canyon, if you are interested I would recommend typing "provo canyon" into a google search to find more details on specific activities for your interests.


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