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aspenwood policies

Here are our simplified policies. You'll have the opportunity to see our detailed policies upon booking.

A deposit of $200 (or $500 if your stay is longer than 10 nights) will be charged upon booking. This is non-refundable and applies towards your final bill.

Cancellations (See your reservation confirmation for details):
Please read our cancellation policy carefully. There are no exceptions.
---Cancellations MUST be submitted via email to Phone cancellations are not accepted.
---Cancel more than 30 days before scheduled arrival = Full refund MINUS $200/$500 fee
---Cancel 14-30 days before scheduled arrival = Full refund MINUS 1/2 of your TOTAL rate or $500-- whichever is greater. ---Cancel within 14 days of scheduled arrival = NO REFUND unless the room is re-rented. If we can rebook your suite(s), a full or partial refund will be made less a $200 cancellation fee.
---A 90 day cancellation notice is required on whole building bookings (less a $1200 or 25% fee-whichever is greater).
---If you shorten your stay, you are responsible for all nights included in this reservation. If we are able to re-sell the unneeded nights, you will receive a refund/credit for the nights sold. If because of timing, the nights are sold at a rate lower than originally paid, you will receive the re-sale amount minus 3% (for card processing fees).
--We do not waive cancellation fees for environmental issues/acts of god out of our control. *This includes COVID-19 related cancellations.
CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACKS- If guest initiates a chargeback through their banking institution, guest agrees to pay Aspenwood Manor a $50 processing fee to submit claim paperwork.
PLEASE NOTE: We take your booking very seriously, and commit to honoring your reservation unless circumstances beyond our control prevent us from honoring a reservation. This includes, but is not limited to: employee booking errors, 3rd party double bookings, damage to a suite that renders it un-livable, etc. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation for any reason. We reserve the right to make a suite substitution anytime before check-in.

FACILITY POLICIES (This is a summary only. When you book, you will have the opportunity to agree to the full policies.)

---Guests are expected to leave the property in the condition they found it. Damages will be charged to the card on file or deducted from the cash deposit.
---If you are booking for another individual, you agree that you are taking responsibility for their actions while on this property and agree to pay any rate or damage fees they may incur.
---We are a non-party facility. We have strict quiet hours from 10pm-8am.

FACILITY POLICIES USE OF PREMISES - The suites are not to be used at any time for the purpose of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any kind, or for any purpose other than as a private residence. Special permission must be obtained for events such as filming, photography, or large parties/meetings.

VISITORS - Additional person charges will apply for guests staying overnight. Beds and rooms are prepared according to the number of guests registered.

CHILDREN - Children are welcome in most units. Children must not be allowed to run or yell in the hallway and stairs. Parents/guardians are responsible for any damaged caused by children and Aspenwood Manor is not held liable for any injury occurring on our property.

PETS - No animals of any kind will be allowed on or in the premises. Failure to comply will result in immediate reservation cancellation with no refund and a $300 fine.

FURNISHINGS - Guest may not modify or move any furnishings. When cleaning is done, moved items may be mistakenly thought to be stolen/lost/broken, and the Guest will be charged for their replacement.

LINENS - Guest agrees not to use linens to remove make-up or to clean excess soiling. To keep our rates low for everyone, we will charge guests who choose to ruin linens.

HOUSEKEEPING - Linen service is provided weekly for long term stays. We reserve the right to come in the suite during reasonable hours for maintenance and service. Full housekeeping is available for an additional charge. APPLIANCES - Guests agree to

NEVER leave an appliance running while not in the suite. If damages occur while Guest is away, Guest will be responsible for all repairs and clean up costs. Examples of this include oven fires, dishwasher leaks, microwave fires, etc.

SMOKING AND VAPING - All of our properties are smoke, vape and drug-free. Smoking vaping inside will result in a minimum $900 cleaning fee. We are serious. Absolutely no smoking/vaping inside suites, hallways and common areas. We will DEFINITELY charge you if you smoke or vape inside your suite. Smoking is not permitted on the grounds. This means you must be on the sidewalks to smoke. Please be courteous and dispose of cigarette butts in the trash and not on the ground. You will be charged a $25 fee if we have to pick up your butts. Due to HOA restrictions, we do not permit smokers for long term stays under any circumstances.

ALCOHOL/DRUGS - We have a zero tolerance policy for drug use. If we suspect drug use, the authorities will be called immediately. Alcohol is permitted but inebriation is not tolerated.

DEEP FRY/BACON - For cleanliness and smell issues, deep frying of any kind and cooking of raw bacon is not permitted in our suites. Deep cleaning charges will apply. AC/HEAT- Do not run heat/AC with windows open. Freezing the AC lines by doing so will result in loss of AC for 24 hours with no compensation.

QUIET HOURS - Please enter and exit quietly and observe quiet hours from 10pm to 8am.

PARKING-One guest car per unit is permitted in the lot (except if you have a 2 or 3 bedroom condo- 2 cars are permitted). Please ask your guests to park on the street so current residents of the building have parking.

TV- Our suites include *very* basic local cable and a free Netflix connection. We do NOT provide support for additional devices or subscriptions (Hulu, Google chrome, custom TV settings, ESPN accounts). TVs must be left to their original settings when guest leaves. If we need to re-program the TV for the next guest, you will be charged a $25 fee.


We are a fully furnished facility, though there are some things we do not supply that you will want to bring if you need them.
• You may want to bring/purchase: quarters for coin-op laundry, specialty detergent, coffee maker filters and coffee, paper towels (we provide dish cloths), and toiletries.
• Our suites have an iron, ironing board, hair dryer, blender, coffee maker and toaster (among other common kitchenware) as well as hotel sized shampoos/soaps and laundry detergent.
• If you are planning to bring your own pillows or towels, please make sure they are a color other than white. This will ensure you and the housekeeper do not mistake your items for ours. If you have a question about whether something not listed is provided, please call or email us.

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